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Use this page to print paper-based yardage charts to your exact specification.

To print your yardage charts, follow these steps:
  1. Choose your paper size and margins in the "Print Options" at the top.
  2. Use the "Next" and "Prev" buttons in the "Print Preview" section to step through the holes one-by-one.
  3. For each hole, choose either "Portrait" or "Landscape", and pan and zoom the map as required.
  4. Use the "Info" and "Rotate Text" options to optimize the positions of the header and footer.
  5. Use the "Colour Intensity" and "Clipping" options to minimize your ink usage and printing costs.
  6. When you are happy, click "Print this Page" to open your browser's print dialog.
  7. Make sure the page size, orientation and margins in the print dialog are correct, then click "Print".
  8. If in doubt, print to a file first to check the map fits on the page correctly.
  9. Alternatively, use a snipping tool to capture and print the image directly from the screen.
  10. Finally, please note that these maps may be printed for personal use only.
  11. For more information, see the Google Terms and Conditions.
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