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If you would like to raise awareness of your Company, Brand, Services or Products, we can offer a variety of local, regional, national and international sponsorship and advertising options.

Simply fill out the enquiry form below, and we will contact you to confirm availability and answer any questions.

Sponsorship Options

Add your company name and website link immediately above the map at the top of the course home page, as shown above.
  1. Sponsor every course on ProVisualizer: $100,000/year
  2. Sponsor all featured courses in the United States: $50,000/year
  3. Sponsor all featured courses in GB&I: $25,000/year
  4. Sponsor all featured courses in Australia: $10,000/year
  5. Sponsor all featured courses in Canada: $10,000/year
  6. Sponsor all featured courses in any other country: $5,000/year
  7. Sponsor any Major Championship course: $1000/year per course
  8. Sponsor any other individual course: $250/year per course
  9. Sponsor any other 10+ individual courses: $100/year per course
If an individual course has already been sponsored, it will not be included in any of the packages until the individual sponsorship expires.

If your package is affected by any individual course sponsorships, we will inform you when we reply to your enquiry, and the price will be reduced by the remaining value of the individual course sponsorships.

Sponsorship Wording

The sponsorship wording can optionally include a short phrase of your choosing. For example:
  • Sponsored by: ABC Construction Inc., Building a Better Future for Everyone
  • Sponsored by: XYZ Electronics, Your #1 Choice for Computer Repairs in Los Angeles
  • Sponsored by: Mary's B&B, Golf Friendly, Early Breakfast No Problem!
  • Sponsored by: Joe's Plumbing Services, Trading in Birmingham since 2010
  • etc.

You can also choose your preferred prefix. For example:
  • Sponsored by:
  • Kindly Sponsored by:
  • Proudly Sponsored by:
  • etc.


Discounts are available for multi-year contracts as follows:
  • 2 Year Contract = 10% discount
  • 3 Year Contract = 20% discount

Payment must be made in advance for the full length of the contract.

Sponsorship Enquiry Form

Company Name:
Contact Name:
Contact Role:
Contact Email:
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We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible to confirm availability and answer any questions.

If you wish to sponsor individual courses, we will agree the exact course list by email.

Any individual courses that are not yet available on ProVisualizer will be mapped and added as necessary.

If everything is satisfactory, we will then issue an invoice and your sponsorship will go live as soon as we receive payment.

We reserve the right to reject any sponsorship enquiry that we deem to be inappropriate for our users.